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  • sandwich slad 17-04-25

    sandwich slad

    Specifications: we manufacture it as your requirement, this sizes and specifications have unlimited and this below is our production process and transportation process: we use the picture ,let you understand it perfectly. This is our base s
  • 3D mesh panel 17-04-25

    3D mesh panel

    Name:3D mesh panel Description: 3D Panel building system has tremendous flexibility - simplication of operation.lightweight construction ,improve efficiency.Reduced labor. it can be used in place of wood or metal-framed walls, masonry block
  • steel truss frame 17-04-25

    steel truss frame

    Steel truss floor plate floor system is reinforced in the factory with advanced equipment and processing of steel truss, steel truss and galvanized steel sheet welded composite template one, is a series of standard factory production of che
  • Anti corrosion steel mesh 17-04-25

    Anti corrosion steel mesh

    Steel net is a variety of metal mesh industry. Also known as metal plate mesh, diamond mesh, iron net, expanded metal net, heavy steel plate net, pedal net, punching plate aluminum, stainless steel net, net, filter net, granary antenna netw
  • Stainless steel punching net 17-04-25

    Stainless steel punching net

    Stainless steel punching net is a kind of metal plate net, which is punched by a steel plate according to a certain pass and die. Stainless steel punching net, also known as round hole net, is a kind of punching net, material is stainless s
  • Galvanized steel mesh 16-11-11

    Galvanized steel mesh

    Low carbon steel net Raw material: low carbon steel plate. Production process: sheet metal stamping and drawing. Pass: diamond, triangle type, pore scale etc.. Low carbon steel mesh use: ordinary steel net is mainly used for building, build